Does vapour pressure change with temperature

The higher the temperature of the vapour, the higher the pressure needed to convert the vapour to liquid. For Propane vapour at 20°C must be pressurised to about 836 kPa to see it liquefy, and at 50°C, about 1713 kPa pressure is required. The lower the temperature, the easier it is to liquefy the vapour.

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The pressure exerted by the vapor in equilibrium with a liquid in a closed container at a given temperature is called the liquid’s vapor pressure (or equilibrium vapor pressure). The area of the surface of the liquid in contact with a vapor and the size of the vessel have no effect on the vapor pressure, although they do affect the time ...

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Hold a class discussion, or give an assessment, in which students do the following: 1. Define vapor pressure, and explain how it is measured. 2. Explain the relationship between intermolecular forces and vapor pressure. 3. Explain why water, with its low molar mass, has a much higher vapor pressure than carbon dioxide (CO 2

water vapor pressure of 10 hPa (0.145 PSIA) dew point temperature of 7 °C (44.6 °F) and total pressure of 1 bar (14.5 PSIA) When we compress the gas isothermally to 4 bars (58 PSIA), the vapor pressure increases linearly As a result, the vapor pressure would be 40 hPa (0.58 PSIA) and corresponding dew point temperature 28 °C (82.4 °F) Vapour-pressure deficit, or VPD, is the difference (deficit) between the amount of moisture in the air and how much moisture the air can hold when it is saturated. Once air becomes saturated, water will condense out to form clouds, dew or films of water over leaves.

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