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- Tools manually retopologize produce a quad dominant Sub-D mesh - Automatic "Quad Wrap" to create a Sub-D which follows geometric curvature flow - "Shrink Wrap" tool to add fine detail to the Sub-D without adding polygons - Tools to facilitate identification of potential issues in the Sub-D mesh - Conversion of the Sub-D mesh to a Brep NURBS ... Oct 13, 2011 · Convert poly object to nurbs lattice (inverse operation. Note: only patch-like meshes can be converted, due to nurbs maths) Convert a nurbs object to poly object, fitting points in their surface (with SubD activated, this poly will no fit your nurbs, due to hull convexity property) Additionally, it can convert spline to nurbs, and nurbs to spline. To convert a NURBS surface to a polygon mesh Select a NURBS surface or assembled surface mesh. Choose Create Poly. Mesh NURBS to Mesh from the Model toolbar. A new polygon mesh object is created and the NURBS to Mesh property editor opens: From Control Hull controls the placement of the polygon mesh's vertices.

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Autoshaper allows to import, export and convert between 3D solid modelling file formats with smooth Nurbs shapes as a native Windows software. It supports many of 3D file extensions including 3DM (Rhinoceros 3D Model), STEP (STandardized Exchange of Product), IGES (Initial Graphics Exchange Specification), BREP (Boundary Representation) and IFC ...

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But, I would basically want to turn my model into a NURBS model, from my current mesh model. In other words, convert to a NURBS (or, curve as it says in Blender) But when I try that, Blender crashes. $\endgroup$ - Skull Kid Feb 2 '17 at 14:39

Convert Sub-D models into Precise CAD (NURBS) using npower advanced technologyvisit to learn more!!!

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