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Jun 01, 2004 · Check out these First Generation 1996-1998 GM Vortec fuel-injected 350 Engine Power Upgrades, including exhaust, throttle body, and more, at Sport Truck Magazine. Jun 01, 2004 · Check out these First Generation 1996-1998 GM Vortec fuel-injected 350 Engine Power Upgrades, including exhaust, throttle body, and more, at Sport Truck Magazine. Don't pay a high price for your high performance heads. When dealing with the stock heads it should be understood that the ports start out too big. This fact is proven by the 883's heads with its comparatively tiny ports. With 140 CC.s less than a 1340 Big Twin, a 1200 with 883 heads can produce very similar torque and horsepower numbers. Said that its a good 40-45whp gain over the stock cam with a choppy idle. Said it would require tuning.. Then he suggested I pick-up a LS6 or LS2 stock cam.. said it would be a solid 30-35whp gain becasue the stock cams are so small..

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The Ford Racing E303 Performance Camshaft is designed for use in the 1985-1995 5.0L V8 Mustangs with 1.60 rockers. ... making for a solid gain of 85 horsepower over ...

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but on the brighter side, the Honda boys have to deal with it, too. While on some of the big V-8 cars, there are a few tricks that give a few horsepower here and there, like removing the air intake silencer assembly (8-10 hp), the same tricks on an engine with 105 hp will only yield 1-2 hp. Schrick makes wicked cams for your car, as does Gruude. Volkswagen Jetta Performance Parts is your source for aftermarket Jetta peformance parts & accessories. Whether you are looking to give your Jetta a new stance with some suspension parts, give it some power with an intake or exhaust, we have everything you need to customize your VW. We've seen up to 30+ horsepower gains at the rear wheels. For the utmost performance, the PHP Intake Manifold - Stage 2 should be combined with the IMRC Delete Package and the PHP High Flow Air Box. A core charge of $1200 is charged and is credited back to your account when you return your intake manifold unless you send your intake manifold to ...

May 25, 2020 · 10. Cams. There's alot of them on the market. Try not to get caught up in the hoop-laa. Two types: Slider (flat tappet) and Roller. They both offer pretty much the same HP increases. No one has shown me any difference. The ROLLER style does add reduced friction and will wear better than a slider. It's also twice the price.

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